April 17, 2006

Looking Ahead to April 23 -- 2nd Sunday of Easter

This Sunday being the day after Earth Day we will be celebrating God's creation in our worship.

The Scripture readings will be:

The Hymns will be (numbers refer to Voices United):
  • #226 For the Beauty of the Earth
  • #296 This is God's Wondrous World
  • #303 For Beauty of Prairies (Tune #264)
  • #468 Let Us Talents and Tongues Employ

The Sermon title is Sustainable Stewardship

From the beginning of the story Scripture reminds us that the world is God's creation. In Genesis we here the mythic account of the creative act. In Job, Job is chastised by God for forgetting this fact in the midst of his misery.

Scripture is also clear that we are to make use of the Earth, we are to get our living from it. Unfortunately we have taken that commandment to mean use and abuse, take what we need and give little thought to the consequences.

It is time to admit that our old ways are not sustainable. It is time to admit that abusing the Earth is a zero-sum game -- one where we all lose. It is time to look for another path, to find a way to, as our creed says, Live with respect in creation.

Here in Atikokan we are looking for ways to move forward, to re-create our town. This may be a chance to envision a town that lives in a new way with the glorious creation around us. As we thank God for the lakes and trees around us, let us also pledge to honour them, to honour all that lives.


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