January 31, 2006

Stained Glass

We are blessed to have a Stained Glass Artist in our congregation. This cross greets people as they enter through the upper door.

Here we Are

Here are some pictures of our church building:

January 30, 2006

Bible in 90 Days

Ever wanted to read the Bible cover-to-cover but never quite got around to it? OR tried and got bogged down in law codes and census counts?

Well here is a challenge for you--read the Bible in 90 days!! Join in and keep Gord honest as he tries to do it, starting February 5. For more information contact Gord

February 5

Next Sunday, February 5, the readings are:

The hymns are (all are in Voices United)

  • 232 Joyful, Joyful We Adore You
  • 646 Siyahamba/We Are Marching
  • 624 Give to Us Laughter
  • 420 Go to the World

Sermon title: Busy-ness and Prayer.

Early thoughts: It is somewhat insidious. This belief that we have to be "doing" all the time. Many times I hear the story (possibly true) of the minister sitting in his study praying when someone comes to the door and says "oh good, you aren't busy". After all prayer time can easily be seen as "unproductive" and there are always so many more productive ways to spend ones time.

Jesus had the same problem. In this passage from Mark's gospel we see Jesus busy healing people. Then when he tries to find a quiet place to pray people continue to find him, making demands on his time and energy. Whenever I read this story I see in my mind the scene from Jesus Christ Superstar where Jesus is not only surrounded but consumed by those wanting help.

The challenge for all of us as people of faith is to find the balance between doing and being. It is not healthy to always be out there. We need time to recharge, to reflect, to re-connect with the Source. And that is what prayer can do for us. But we can't swing too far the other way either. Not all of us are called to be hermits--and hermits don't get paid all that well anyway. We have to be out there doing, both for our own well-being and for the health of our communities (faith and secular). It is a question of balance.

Jesus knew the need for prayer time. Jesus, who had a deeper connection with God than most people even dream of, knew the need to go and work on his relationship with God. What makes us think we are any different? In our lives of busy-ness, may we find the time to pray.

January 28, 2006

Annual Meeting

Riverview's Annual Meeting is Sunday January 29. We hope to spend some time talking about our vision and goals for the future. Some questions to help in your thoughts:
  • What are Riverview's strengths?
  • What is your hope for Riverview United Church?
  • Where do you see the need to change? To stay the same?