April 10, 2006

Looking Ahead to April 16 -- Easter Sunday

The Scripture Readings are:
The Hymns are:
  • 157 Christ the Lord is Risen Today
  • 644 I Was There to Hear Your Borning Cry
  • 186 Now the Green Blade Rises
  • 173 Thine is the Glory
The Sermon Title is New Life Beyond the Fear

Mark's version of the Easter story is so short, so simple. No discussion with the Risen Christ, no confirmation of the event, just a group of women, a strange sight, and fear.

It strikes me that fear is the most common response to resurrection. Joy may come later. Understanding comes later. But fear is immediate, fear is real.

The promise of Easter though is that there is new life beyond the fear. It doesn't tell us what that new life will be but it does promise new life. THis Sunday we celebrate life as we baptize twins. WE celebrate life as we breathe the spring air. Let the Easter promise of new life and hope help us move past the fear. Let the Easter promise remind us that life keeps breaking out all over. Praise be to God!


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