April 09, 2006

Looking Ahead to April 14 -- Good Friday

In the morning we invite all to join in the Ecumenical walk starting at the Church of the Good Shepherd following their service (approximately 10:45-11:00).

Riverview will have a service at 7 pm.
The Scriptures read at that service will be:
  • From the Jewish Scriptures: Isaiah 52:13-53:12
  • From the Gospel: John 18:1-19:42
  • Psalm 22 (VU p.744 Part One)

The Hymns we will sing are:

  • #144 Were You There
  • #182 Stay with Us through the Night

The meditation is titled The Many Crosses

From time to time someone brings out the old story that Jesus didn't actually die on the cross. Sometimes it is an attempt to explain the empty tomb. Sometimes it is to prove some sort of conspiracy story. But of course it isn't based in Scripture, or in history.

The early church, it seems, had trouble with the crucifixion. One wonders if they wouldn't have welcomed a chance to get out of it by saying Jesus didn't really die on that cross. Modern Christians, it seems would also like to forget the cross. We want to move from the triumph of Palms to the glory of empty tomb. We don't want shadows in our story.

But we can't do that of course. We have to acknowledge the reality of the cross. Not only because it is the only way the story makes any sense (how can there be resurrection without death?) but also because acknowledging the reality of that cross allows us to name the reality of the many crosses in our world today.

Friday night we will take time to name some of those crosses, and to think about what our response is/could be.


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