November 24, 2010

Advent Update

Although its been a while since the last update, life at Riverview continues on at a busy pace.  We have been without a minister for a few months now, but the congregation has shown its usual spirit with lots of volunteers pitching in to keep the church vibrant and active both on Sundays and throughout the week in the community.

As we get prepared for the upcoming Advent season, we are pleased to have Rev. Frances Flook from Emo/Devlin leading worship on the First Sunday of Advent (Nov. 28) which will also include a communion service.  We look forward to the church school pagaent on White Gift Sunday/3rd Sunday of Advent on December 12.  We will also be having our traditional candle light service on Christmas Eve.

Advent marks the end of the church year and the beginning of the next – a time for new beginnings, new hope, a new birth of Christ in our lives. I invite you to look at this time as preparation for this new journey – a time that we can to reflect on the past year and take with us what is good and useful and discard all that is unnecessary burden. Prepare yourself to enter into this new season, free from the worries and open to follow our true ruler, Christ our Lord, who can lead us to places we might have never thought possible on our own.