April 17, 2008

Voting Begins

The Conference of MAnitoba and Northwestern Ontario is having a fundraiser for the Mission & Service Fund. THE fundraiser is called the 7 Wonders of the COnference. For the last while foks have been invited to submit nominations.

Now the voting begins. Votes are $5 a piece for the M&S fund. This is certainly a case of "vote early, vote often" since there is no limit on how often one may vote. SOme plans for vote-stuffing have already been discussed by some nominees/nominators. (And indeed vote stuffing is encouraged since each vote os a fundraiser)

Riverview's pie making is one of the nominees! Can we get it into the top 7???!!!???

Check it out, information about how to vote is available at the link. ANd there will be more information shared soon at a church near you...

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