April 24, 2008

Board Meeting News

The monthly Board meeting was earlier this evening. Expand the post for some notes about what was discussed.

  1. The Honouring our Neighbour's Faith Study group has wrapped up for this year. It may restart in the fall.
  2. Tickets for the Fiddle concert on May 10 are selling well. Some help will be needed to help set up the day beforehand
  3. On Sunday May 11 we will have a Mother's Day brunch following the service. As that Sunday is Pentecost Sunday we will also have communion that morning.
  4. On Father's Day, June 15, we will have our annual BBQ.
  5. As of April 24 the deficit for the year is $9 671, however this does not include revenue from the Talent Auction earlier this month.
  6. Good News! the monthly gas bill for the church has been lowered substantially.
  7. We have received a quote to put eavestroughing on the church building. To pay for this project we will be launching a "Buy a Foot" campaign. The cost is $10/foot.
  8. We are having 2 spring cleaning bees. The outside one will be at 6pm on May 15 and the inside one will be at 9am on June 7.
  9. We heard a report from the UCW Rally which took place last weekend.
  10. We are planning to have a worship service and picnic out at French Lake again this year, likely on June 22.
  11. The Board is in the process of reviewing various congregational policies, two more were reviewed tonight with others to follow next month.

The next Board meeting will be at 6:30 on May 29.

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