February 27, 2007

News From the Board

The Board held its Inaugural meting last night. The primary task for this meeting was to divide up the various roles on the Board. In that light here is how they turned out:
  • Board Chair -- Marlene
  • Board Secretary -- Sandy
  • Christian Education Liaison -- Bev
  • Congregational Life Liaison -- Gord
  • Finance -- Jan
  • M & P -- Leigh
  • Property -- Joan
  • Worship -- Bev

With Elvin continuing as Presbytery Rep and Anne representing the UCW.

In other business, we agreed to invite someone from the Gideon's to come and make a presentation to the congregation. We also discussed the Living the Welcome event coming up in Thunder Bay April 27-28. We are looking for a group from Riverview to attend this event, Riverview would pay your registration. We also decided that Board meetings would regularly be on the 4th Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm. This makes the next meeting on March 22.

A Board Induction/Covenanting will be held during Sunday worship on March 25.

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