February 13, 2007

Lenten Sermon Series

For four Sundays in Lent we will have a sermon series called The Church In the World. This will start on the second Sunday of Lent (March 4) and go until the Sunday before Palm Sunday. The four topics (still subject to change) are:
  1. March 4 --The Church In the World: WonderCafe/Emerging Spirit -- This is the campaign aimed at 30-45 year olds that the UCCan is doing. It is also the theme of our Presbytery meeting the weekend of February 25.
  2. March 11 -- The Church In the World: Witness/Testimony -- Recovering the practise of evangelism, of telling our story.
  3. March 18 -- The Church In the World: IN But Not OF -- the ongoing struggle to be in the world but not worldly.
  4. March 25 -- The Church In the World: Poverty and Wealth--This Sunday is the story of the woman and the perfume and Judas saying "why waste the money" and Jesus saying that we will always have the poor with us.

April 1st is Palm/Passion Sunday, April 6th is Good Friday, and April 8th is Easter Sunday. Details about those celebrations will come out at a later time...

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