August 10, 2006

COming Attractions!

In addition to the Bible study mentioned earlier (scroll down a couple posts for more) here are some other Christian Education possibilities for the Fall/Winter of 2006-07.
  1. The music of Advent and Christmas -- a four week study overlapping with the end of the one on Jesus' Prayer. Each week we will look at and discuss some of the hymns in Voices United for the Advent and Christmas season (likely one week on Advent and 3 on Christmas, or two and two). If we are able to have musical leadership we may sing some of them as well. Sunday evenings or afternoons starting November 26.
  2. Exploring the Heart of Christianity -- a 12 week study starting in early-mid January. This study looks at Marcus Borg's book THe Heart of Christianity. As with the fall study on Jesus' Prayer, participants would be asked to purchase a copy ($20.95 plus shipping and taxes) for the study. Also this will be offered in both an evening and an afternoon session should need/desire be there. This study can double as a confirmation program for adults or teens interested in making a profession of faith and becoming what the United Church calls "full members".
  3. Something for Easter. The Easter story is the core of our faith. I am looking for ideas for some sort of study to meet for the 4 weeks of April to help us explore the mystery of Resurrection.

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