August 07, 2006

Bible Study for the Fall

Starting the week of October 16-20 a 7 week Bible Study looking at the Lord's Prayer (aka The Prayer of Jesus).

We will be using Becoming Jesus' Prayer as our study resource. All participants will be asked to get a copy of this book (it lists for $12 plus shipping and tax). However, we can get names and then order en masse through the church office in the hopes of saving shipping costs. More details will be arranged and announced when Gord gets back from vacation in mid-September.

If there is a need/desire this study will be offered at two different times per week -- once in the afternoon and once in the evening. Actual days will be finalized in September. If you are interested in this study please call and leave a message on the phone in the office.

In order to ensure books arrive in time we will need a good idea of how many copies to order by Sunday October 1 (the day of the Harvest Supper).

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