March 27, 2006

Board Meeting Highlights

We had a Board Meeting on March 26th. Here are some of the highlights:
  • We heard about the work of the Congregational Life Committee. Since starting they have sent out over 30 cards.
  • We discussed the possibility of having a Suggestion Box at the church. This will be done on a trial period.
  • We affirmed Gord's request for Study leave, vacation and Birth Time over the next few months.
  • We talked about setting up a list of volunteers to help keep the church (especially the washrooms) cleaned on a regular basis.
  • We re-affirmed that anyone wanting to borrow items from the church (tables, chairs, coffee pots etc) needs to clear this with the office beforehand.
  • The men of the congregation will be putting on a Mother's Day brunch on May 14.
  • The Pennies from Heaven monies from 2005 will be used to purchase colouring books for the Crisis Centre.
  • There will be plants which need a home available at the church. It is suggested that a small donation could be made to the church when taking plants.

Our next Board meeting will be April 23rd following the Sunday service. As always, members of the congregation are welcome to attend.

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