September 18, 2009

Board Meeting Highlights

The monthly meeting of the Church Board happened yesterday. Expand the post to see highlights from the meeting:

  • on September 27 (while Gord and Elvin are at Presbytery) Riverview is pleased to welcome Rev. Lorn Calvert, Principal of St. Andrew's College who is coming to preach.
  • Brian Jackson has completed the Lay Worship LEader training program and the Board was happy to recommend to Cambrian Presbytery that Brian be licensed as a Lay WOrship LEader
  • Church School began last Sunday.  This yer the theme for Church School is Singing with the Psalms
  • a Bible Study on the book of Mark will be held this fall.  A study called What does the United Church Believe? will be held starting in January
  • ADADS cleaned the carpet this summer and has just finished stripping and waxing the floors
  • Gord will be attending a Technology in Worship workshop in Fort FRances on October 17, talk to him if you would be interested in attending
  • Gord will be going to Rainy River to give a funeral leadership workshop and taking a Sunday service November 7-8
  • Our next communion service will be on October 4
  • The Board is still short 2 memebers and at least 2 people have decided that they will not be putting their names forward to continue on the Board when their term comes due in January.  We urge everyone to consider if they are called to this ministry in the church.
  • AS of the end of August we are running a deficit for 2009 of approximately $8 600.  This eliminates our equity/cash cushion.  A letter about the church finances will be sent to the whole congregation in early October. 
  • The next Board meeting is scheduled for October 15 at 6:30

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