May 28, 2009

Board Meeting Highlights

The Church Board met yesterday at noon. If you expand the post you'll find some highlights from the meeting:

  • Sunnycove Camp this year will be July 20-24. Forms are now available from Gord.
  • Instead of having a BBQ on Father's Day this year it will be held on Tuesday June 16th from 5-7. Tickets will not be presold, instead it will be pat at the door. Family for $10 and singles for $5
  • Although we are running a deficit we continue to be doing better than last year at this time.
  • Gord will be on holidays from July 29-August 26 this summer
  • We are looking into getting some handicapped parking signs for the lower parking lot along with a sign directing folks to the handicapped washroom
  • Riverview has applied for a grant to cover half the cost of needed renovations to the bathroom in the manse, Presbytery has endorsed the request and forwarded it on. The Board has made a decision about who will be contracted to do the work and the work will be done while the Waldie family is on holidays.
  • There will be a cleaning bee for the interior of the church on June 17th at 9:30
  • Public WOrks has been reminded of the clean up they have yet to do beside the upper lot and the broken catch basin cover on the hillside. If needed, they will be reminded again until these items have been attended to.
  • On June 28th we will have worship at the Teaching Place at French Lake. To allow for travel time worship will begin at 11:00 that week. All are encouraged to remain for a picnic lunch following the service. Quetico Park will not charge for those attending the worship service but anyone remaining for a picnic (and hopefully it will be warm enough for a swim!) is asked to buy a day pass.
  • The UCW will have their summer potluck and gift exchange at 6:00 on June 1st.
The next regular Board meeting will be in September at a date yet to be determined.

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