November 19, 2008

Help Wanted

As we quickly approach the Advent season we have some opportunities for involvement:
  1. Do you want to light the Advent candles one week or on Christmas Eve? Check out the liturgies here and let Gord know.
  2. We need an adult woman to be our narrator for our Christmas Pageant Mary Remembers on December 14
  3. Also for our pageant we need some props: a wooden chest, a cowbell, some wool (not yarn), and a piece of incense
  4. For Christmas Eve Gord is looking for some teens: one girl to talk about Mary's fear and a boy to talk about the Shepherd's fear. Each of these could be a dialogue or a monologue and either done live in the open, done live as a hidden voice, or pre-recorded. Talk to Gord for more information.
  5. For the Community -- Coming Together for Kids at Christmas party we need people to help in the kitchen preparing and serving hot dogs and beverages. Also we may be looking for help with a clean-up crew that afternoon.

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