September 19, 2008

Board MEeting Notes

The church board met last night. In the expanded post are some notes from that meeting:

  • THanks to generous donations from the UCW and the Cookbook Committee we have raised all we need for the eave troughs! Hopefully they will be installed this fall.
  • We plan to have the chancel railing installed this fall as well.
  • Another high priority for property is to get the grading around the manse fixed.
  • As of the end of July we have a deficit of about $10 700. This is a little bit better than last year at the same time. We will be forming a Stewardship Committee to talk about financial planning and options. It is hoped that this committee will report to the Annual Meeting in 2009.
  • The church kitchen plumbing will be fixed soon. Hopefully next week.
  • The UCW has had to postpone or cancel the Fall Supper due to the drainage problems in the kitchen. But pies will happen in mid to late October.
  • On October 25 there will be an Education Day held at Knox United Chuch in Fort Frances. Contact Gord for more information.
  • Gord will be chairing the meeting of Cambrian Presbytery next week. He will also be participating in Covenanting services at Pinegrove-Broadway in Thunder Bay and Knox in Fort Frances over the next couple of weeks.
  • Sunday October 19 marks the 55th Anniversary of Riverview's organization. A pot-luck lunch will be held after worship that day.
The next Board Meeting will be October 30th at 6:30.

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