March 17, 2008

Looking Ahead to March 21, 2008 -- Good Friday

The Ecumenical Good Friday walk will take place starting at 11:00am at the Church of the Good Shepherd. The walk will end at Riverview where we will join together for lunch. Our worship will be at 7:00pm.

The Scripture Readings for Friday are:
  • From the Jewish Scriptures: Isaiah 52:13-53:12
  • From the Gospel: Matthew 26:47-27:56
  • Psalm 22 (VU p.744 Part One)
  • From the Gospel: Matthew 26:57-66

The Hymns for Friday are:

  • #144 Were You There
  • #186 Stay With Us Through the Night

The Meditation title is The Powers of Death

Early Thoughts: Why is this day called Good? Why do we celebrate death today?

Good Friday is indeed the one day of the year when we mark the power of death. On this day we tell the story of a man who tried to live unreservedly in the way of God, who met with the immovable object of the powers that be, and paid the price of his life.

Why is it Good? Well it isn't. Really. Unless you know and remember the rest of the story. The story doesn't end where we stop our readings this evening. It ends with the coming dawn of the third day.

But that isn't our focus this evening. WE pause to consider the death and the powers that led to it. We do that because the only way to truly experience resurrection is to name the reality of death. And so, as an Easter people, a people who focus on resurrection, we need to name the realities of death in our world.

There are still powers out there that work against those who try to do what is right. The price isn't always a cross on a hillside. But there is a price. This year on Good Friday let's all pause to name and remember the powers that work against Life, Love, and Light. The darkness is real and needs to be named but it will not win.

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