February 18, 2008

Looking Ahead to February 24, 2008 -- 3rd Sunday of Lent

This weekend Gord and Elvin are attending the Winter meeting of Cambrian Presbytery. Thanks go out to Brian for providing worship leadership.

The Scripture Readings this week are:

  • From the Jewish Scriptures: Deuteronomy 26:5-9
  • Psalm 9 (VU p.732)
  • From the Life of the Early Church: Acts 2:14-28
  • From the Gospel: John 4:5-29, 40-42

The Hymns this week are:

  • #395 Come In, Come In and Sit Down
  • #365 Jesus Loves Me
  • #806 O God, Our Help in Ages Past
  • #424 May the God of Hope

The Sermon Question for this week is: Why Church?

Teasers: Why do people make the choice to put church in their lives? When there are other options for our time why make church a priority? This week the sermon time will be sharing some stories from members of the congregation on just that question. What would your answer be?

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