December 14, 2007

Christmas Quiz Answers

So, did you try out the quiz? Want to know how well you did? Expand and check your answers here...

1. d The Bible gives no record of their means of travel
2. c Matthew 1:18
3. b & c Matthew 1:19, Luke 1:39,56
4. d December 25 was selected late in the 4th century as the day to celebrate Christ's birth.
5. c Luke 2:1
6. c
7. c Luke 2:10 ("the angel said to them")
8. d Luke 2:12 (They didn't sing, they said. OK, if you picked c, we'll give you a point!)
9. e Luke 2:7 (We aren't told where Jesus was born, only that after His birth He was laid in a manger.)
10. d The Bible doesn't say anything about animals being present.
11. C
12. b He was fully human as well as fully God.
13. c Luke 2:4
14. e none of the above (Three kings are not mentioned in the Bible, only in songs.)
15. c Luke 2:12
16. e An innkeeper is never mentioned in the Scriptures.
17. The Bible doesn't say how many - only that Magi came bringing gold, frankincense, and myrrh (see Matt. 2:12)
18. C astrologers who dabbled in the natural sciences
19. b Matthew 2:11
20. b Check it out!

19-20 correct: Congratulations! You can separate fact from fiction.
18-16 correct: Not Bad! Truth wins over tradition.
15-11 correct: Uh oh! You've been to too many Christmas plays.
10 or below correct: Ouch!

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