October 05, 2007

Board Meeting Notes

Last night we had a Board Meeting. Expand the post to see what happened.

  • We discussed finding volunteers to attend a visioning meeting in Fort Frances later this month
  • We planned for the Congregational Supper on October 28th. An invitation letter will be mailed out next week.
  • We completed the Pre-Visit Questionaire for our upcomming Oversight visit by representatives of Presbytery.
  • We decided that since November 11 is a Sunday this year we will have our weekly worship at 7:00pm to allow everyone to attend the Legion service at 10:30.
  • We decided that Riverview will sponsor the Harding concert in November to increase the earnings for the artists.
  • We discussed some upcoming events (see post at top of the blog)

The next Board Meeting will be on October 25.

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