September 07, 2007

Board Notes

THere was a BOard meeting last night. HEre is some of what was discussed:

  • The proposed Congregational Meeting for September 16. It was decided that we would postpone this and have a supper meeting at the end of October. The focus of this would be on visioning and the future. Details will follow.
  • Our Natural Gas contract comes due this fall. We decided that we will float on the market price at this time.
  • There is a Lay Worship leader program coming up and we discussed people from Atikokan who might be interested in attending.
  • Various Property issues were discussed. A new water heater will hopefully be installed soon and the downstairs washroom will have some work done on it.
  • At present the church is approximately $10 000 behind for the year.
  • We did some discussing of the upcoming Presbytery Oversight visit
  • Some possibilities for enhancing music in the church building were discussed.
  • A brief discussion of the Bruce HArding concert was held.

The next Board meeting will be a special meeting on September 16 following worship to plan for the supper meeting on October 28. The next regular meeting will be on October 4.

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