August 19, 2007

NEws From National Offices

Earlier this summer (in June in fact) the General Council Executive had a special meeting to set priorities and plan for the next few years.

The fallout of this meeting is that there are a number of changes coming up. Most notable is the elimination of 27 positions (with 7 new ones created for a net change of 20). Also notable is that Berkeley Studio, the audio-visual production wing of the United Church of Canada, is slated to be dismantled totally (this includes the end of Spirit Connection, the United Church's TV show).

It appears that much of this change is financially driven. The level of funding available requires that priorities get set and some work is cut away. You can read more about these changes here and here

Currently there is a degree of debate about what is being lost with these changes and a number of letters have been sent to the General Council Offices and to all of the commissioners from last year's General Council meeting. Some of that debate can be found here.

It is very likely that more information about theses changes is coming. Watch for the September and October issues of the Observer to have a say (especially in the Letters section)

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