May 08, 2007

Looking Forward to May 13, 2007 -- 6th Sunday of Easter, Christian Family Sunday

The Scripture Readings this Sunday are:
  • From the History of the Early Church: Acts 16:9-15
  • Psalm 67 (VU p. 786)
  • From the Gospel: John 14:23-29

The Hymns for this Sunday are:

  • 624 Give to Us Laughter
  • 365 Jesus Loves Me
  • 382 Breathe on Me Breath of God
  • 218 We Praise You, O God

There will be no sermon this week. Instead we will have an edition of Stump the Preacher. There are already a few questions in the box. What will Gord have to answer?? Come and find out.

Following worship we will have a Mother's Day Brunch served by the men of the congregation.

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