January 16, 2007

Experiencing the Heart of Christianity – A Faith Study

This 12 week study takes the participants through Marcus Borg’s book The Heart of Christianity. It is a chance to explore the meaning of Christianity for today’s world.

The program will be offered at either an evening or an afternoon time slot. Thursday afternoons at 1:00 or Thursday evenings at 7:00. Each session is set out to be around 2 hours long. The study would begin of March 1 and run until the middle of May. Please let Gord know which time slot works best for you.

Participants would need to purchase a copy of The Heart of Christianity. These can be ordered by the office or people can get a copy on their own. The book lists for $15.92 (plus taxes etc.) at Chapters. If you are interested please let Gord know by February 4. This way we can be sure the books will be here in time to get the first chapter read by the first session.

For more information please talk to Gord.

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