November 08, 2006

Bible Studies for Advent/Christmas:

There are two of these. The first is a four-week study on Sunday evenings at 7:30 starting November 26. Each week we will look at hymns from Voices United for the season. We will read and discuss both old favourites and new pieces. The first week or two will be on Advent music, the last two or three weeks will be Christmas. If we really feel ambitious we might even give a try at singing a couple a week!

The other study will be a one-timer. On Sunday December 10 from 2-4 all are invited to share in a Bible Study put out by the folks at Buy Nothing Christmas. Information about this study in particular will be sent out to the other churches in town with the hopes that it will become an ecumenical event.

For more information about these studies please talk to Gord.

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