October 28, 2006

Highlights from Wednesday's Board Meeting

At the Board Meeting on October 25 we:
  • made a list of Riverview's Strengths and Opportunities
  • decided that we will put the No Motorized Recreational Vehicles Allowed signs at the entrances to the upper and lower parking lots.
  • decided to order 10 copies of More Voices along with the music CD. That way we can test them out and order more at a later time if we want to do so.
  • decided to continue having My Three Sons clear the snow from the parking lots this winter
  • reviewed the financial reports as of the end of September, and found that while we are in a deficit position we are in less of a deficit than in the past three years at this point.
  • decided on a date for a church cleaning bee, time to get ready for the Christmas season
  • discussed that the first Sunday of Advent, December 3, will be a communion service and that we will have a tree-trimming party following worship that day.
  • set December 17 as White Gift and Pageant Sunday
  • agreed that we will have both morning and evening services on Sunday December 24
  • confirmed that we will have 4 vacancies on the Board to fill at the Annual Meeting (February 4, 2007). In order to create a rotation, and avoid having four vacancies in three years time, we are looking for 2 people to fill 3-year terms, 1 person for a 2-year term and 1 person for a 1-year term. That way we have a third of the Board up for renewal each year.

The next Board meeting will be on Wednesday November 29 at 7:00. Members are invited to bring snacks.

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