September 20, 2006

New Hymn Book Supplement

The United Church of Canada in conjunction with Wood Lake Books is releasing a supplement to VOices United which, logically enough, will be called More Voices.

THis book will have over 200 pieces of sacred music for congregational singing. SOme of them will push us beyond piano and organ into percussion instruments, guitars, and a capella singing. THere will be pieces from all over the world, with about a third being Canadian.

More Voices is due to be released in February of 2007 (there is a sampler of 21 pieces that has been mailed to every congregation in the country). Each book will cost $15 but if you pre-order by November 15, 2006 there is a 10% discount available. Also available will be an audio CD (MP3 format) that will sell for $110.

At their meeting on September 19 the BOard discussed whether or not to order some copies. A final decision was put off until the next Board meeeting on October 18. IN between now and then we need to hear from the congregation. What do you think? Should we order this book and how many copies? (It is expected that payment would come from the existing Hymn Book Fund and any new donations to that fund are welcomed.)

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